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Synthetic Paper

synthetic paper

Synthetic paper is a substance that acts and looks very much like natural paper, but instead of being made from wood fibers it is made from synthetic petroleum-based materials. It is really closer to plastic in terms how it is made, but the way it feels, looks and moves it is very much like wood fiber paper.

You can write, print, cut and fold it. Some synthetic papers are so much like natural paper it is very hard to tell them apart. The real advantage to using synthetic over natural paper is durability. It is very difficult(bordering on impossible) to tear, doesn’t break down when wet and it can even be disinfected. If you need something to stand up to the elements, but act and read like paper, synthetics are the answer.

If a sheet of wood fiber paper gets wet it swells up, and it breaks apart easily. Every one has seen the effects moister has on natural paper. You get a book wet it swells up, doesn’t close properly, and the ink runs. With synthetic paper you don’t have these problems, it can be used in places that normal paper can’t survive. Making it very useful in applications in very wet environments.

Synthetic paper can be taken outside rain or shine, tossed in bag, dropped in the mud, run over, just pick it up wipe it off and you are good to go. Synthetic paper can even used by scuba divers while submerged.

Synthetic paper is made from layers of polyethylene or polypropylene film. The base layer gives synthetic paper its strength, the subsequent surfaces layers are woven together to add a clean finished look, and tear resistance. Synthetic paper has a smooth bright surface that is also very opaque. Synthetic papers are petroleum-based, and 100% recyclable.


Things to know about synthetic paper:

  • Water and tear resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can be sanitized


Products that often use synthetic paper:

  • Maps
  • Books
  • Manuals
  • Menus

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