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Specialty Laminates

specialty laminates

The are thousands of options when it comes to specialty laminates. You can add texture, holograms, and other images to your commercial printing project by adding a layer of protective laminating film. Basically if you can think of it can think of it it can be done by adding a layer of laminate.

The most common effect added with lamination are holograms, or holographs. These are especially popular with security badges and identification cards. These layered images give added security, greatly deterring counterfeiting by not allowing your piece to be photo copied, or reprinted.

It doesn't have to be all business. Adding a holographic effect to your business card, book cover, or any other printed piece can really draw some attention. Specialty laminates give you the ability to do things with your printing project that were once impossible.

These added effects are not a stocked item. If you are considering a specialty laminate please email us, or give us a call 888-331-1033, to talk about your options.