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Soft Touch Laminate

soft touch laminate

Soft touch laminate is made with nylon, as apposed to polyester, or polypropylene. Nylon is between high gloss and heavy duty laminating material in terms of thickness, typically between 3-5mil. It is very flexible allowing it to be bent and folded repeatedly without tearing or cracking. It is perfect for items that will be handled frequently, like books. The biggest benefit of using soft touch laminating material is how if feels. As the name suggest, soft touch laminate is soft to the touch, giving your piece a soft, satin feel. If you have something that is handled frequently, and you would like to make it stand out laminating with soft touch is the answer.  






Things to know about soft touch laminate:

  • It is made from nylon, allowing your project to stand up better to flexing and constant use.
  • It is more heat resistant than other laminating materials. (Because of this you should not use stocks that are very heat sensitive.)
  • It has a matte finish

Items that often use soft touch laminate:

  • Presentation folders
  • Book covers
  • Business cards

If you would like more information about soft touch and other laminates, check out our blog, or contact us.

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