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Printing FAQ

What type of file format does the printer need?

Most, if not all, commercial printers will want your image or project in the PDF format. PDF is usable across different software programs and is easily converted into print. If you would like more information about the file formats commercial printers use check out our blog.

How high does the resolution need to be on the image?

For the most part the higher the resolution the better. Resolution really plays a role when you are enlarging an image. If the resolution is to low it will look distorted and pixilated. You can find out more about pixilating here.

Why do they ask if my project bleeds?

When a printer asks about a bleed on your project they are asking about how it is designed. If you have and image, or colors that run right edge of the page then your project bleeds, if does not go to the edge it does not have a bleed. This is a design choice and will not greatly change the price of your project, it does however change the way you printer needs to run the project. If you would like more information about bleeds check our our blog.

Why is the printed color different than the color on my computer?

This problem comes from the different ways printers and computers make color. Your computer uses light to make color, the RGB model. A printer uses ink to make color, CMYK. Unfortunately there are colors that can be made with RGB that can not be made with CMYK. This is why there is some variation in the color you see on your screen, and what is actually printed out. If you would like more information about color check out our blog