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Pressure Sensitive Labels "PSLs"

pressure sensitive labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels, or "PSL's" are the most common form of product label. They are simple to apply, durable, flexible, and they are able to be customized to fit your needs.

PSL's are often referred to as stickers, and to a point they are. They are printed on a sheet of paper or vinyl with an adhesive on the back. The labels are then peeled off and applied by using pressure, much like a sticker. The benefit of using a pressure sensitive label is that they require no solvents or water to adhere. Making them perfect to put on food products, and other delicate items. They are also incredibly versatile. Because they are printed on a flexible substrate, paper or vinyl, they can bend and form to whatever they are labeling. They can be hand or machine applied, and printed in large or small quantities. All of these reasons are why pressure sensitive labels are the most used labels in the business.




Things to know about pressure sensitive labels:

  • Can be hand or machine applied
  • No solvents, or water required for application
  • Can be place on almost any surface


Products that often use pressure sensitive labels:

  • Product Labels
  • Packaging Labels
  • Bar Codes
  • Window Clings


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