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Laminating FAQ

Does laminate protect against water?

One of the most common uses for laminate is menus. This is because when you laminate a menu it can be spilled on and wiped clean. The laminate will protect the paper from getting wet. It is not however something you can put under water for long periods of time. Eventually mother nature wins out.

Can I put a laminated poster in the rain?

Laminated posters will work outside in inclement weather, but only temporarily. If you are using for as directional signs for a weekend 5k or something similar, laminated posters will work very well. If you are hoping to use it as permanent signage for a business there are better solutions.

Are there things that can not be laminated?

Some items, you social security card, for instance have security features on them that can be distorted by lamination. To be sure you should check with the issuer of the item to find out how laminating will effect it.

Does laminate make my piece feel different?

Depending on which laminate you chose your printed piece will feel different. The high gloss laminate will have a very smooth feel, and the soft touch will be more like satin. There are also other specialty laminates that can add other effects if you so desire. 

How thick does the laminate need to be?

The thickness of the laminate will depend greatly on what you are laminating,m and how you are going to use it. If it something that needs to be folded, like a menu, it will need a thinner laminate. If it is a security card that needs to more rigid, it will take a thicker laminate. For more information on laminate thicknesses click here.