Big Fish Print Solutions offers laminate finishing services to commercial printers and direct to consumers.

What is Laminate?

It is a layer of synthetic material that encapsulates your printed project. If you are looking to protect your printing project from, dust, smoke, water, heat, sunlight, continuous use, or just about anything else, adding laminate is the answer. With Big Fish Print Solutions' design and production expertise that protective layer can also add some amazing aesthetics to your piece.

Big Fish Print Solutions offers laminating services with many options including high gloss, "write-on", and soft touch laminate. We can aid you from design to production or just provide finishing services. You will benefit from our extensive experience in the laminating industry.

All laminating services come backed by the Big Fish Print Solutions "Worry Free" guarantee. ​


Different Types of Laminating

Laminate material is measured by thousandths of an inch or "mil", not to be confused with millimeter, or "mm". Typically you will hear laminate referred to by its thickness, but with a change in thickness you also change how rigid and playable your project will be. If you need to bend or fold your project, like a menu, a thinner laminate is ideal, if you need more protection, a thicker laminate will provide that. There are also a number of specialty laminates that can add an impressive look and feel to your project. Here are some of the most commonly used, but my no means is this list exclusive.   

High gloss laminate, has a thickness of 1.7 to 3mil. The most commonly used laminate; it gives your piece a very nice finished look without dulling the image. You will see this on a lot on posters, flyers, and business cards. It is the thinnest of the laminates.

Soft touch laminate, is a medium thick laminate, usually 3-5mil. It is very flexible allowing it to be bent without cracking, and stand up to repeated use. It is called "soft touch"  because it has soft almost satin feel. If you have picked up a paper back book recently that felt soft like velvet, it was a soft touch laminate. It is also popular on presentation folders and other display materials.  

Heavy duty laminate, is the thickest of the laminates, from 5-10mil. It is very rigid, difficult to bend, nearly impossible to fold. Heavy duty laminate is typically used for credit and security cards. With a heavy duty laminate being so rigid corners are often rounded because if left at a point they can be sharp. This is especially true if your piece will be handled by children, like bookmarks for example, another common use for heavy duty laminate.   

We also have more specialized laminating material if you are looking for added security, or special effects. 

If you have questions about laminating or what type of laminate you need, contact us for more information.