Big Fish Print Solutions

Labeling FAQ

What are pressure sensitive labels, or PSL?

Basically a pressure sensitive label is a piece of paper, or vinyl, that has adhesive on the back and is applied by putting pressure on it.

Are pressure sensitive labels just stickers?

It would be more appropriate to say that stickers are pressure sensitive labels, but in a way yes. Pressure activated adhesives are found everywhere from stickers, to tape, to product labels. Pressure sensitive labels are more than just stickers.

Will a pressure sensitive label stay on when wet?

No matter the environment, wet, dry, hot, cold, frozen, there is an adhesive that will stick. The trick is to get the right one. There is not one adhesive that works in every single environment, but we can find the right adhesive that will work in your environment. 

What type of solvent do pressure sensitive labels use?

These labels do not use solvents or water to activate the glue. This makes pressure sensitive labels perfect for labeling sensitive items like food, or electrics. The only thing you need to make these labels stick is a little pressure.

Do pressure sensitive labels need to be applied by hand?

Our pressure sensitive labels can be hand or machine applied.