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High Gloss Laminate

high gloss laminate

High gloss laminate is typically made from polypropylene, as apposed to nylon or polyester. This sheet of laminating material offers better protection than the stock(paper) alone, and can enhance the colors of the image. High gloss laminates are the thinnest of the laminating materials, typically 1.7-3mil thick. Because it is thinner than other laminates it can be bent and folded with out cracking and breaking. Making it ideal for items like restaurant menus, and book covers. Items that are handled frequently, regularly bent, and spilled on.  







Things to know about high gloss laminate:

  • Enhances the color of the image
  • Can be folded and bent
  • Thinnest of the laminates
  • Most economical laminate

Products that often use high gloss laminate:

  • Menus
  • Posters
  • Book jackets
  • Business cards

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