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Digital Printing

digital printing

Big Fish Print Solutions' digital printing offers affordable, quality printing with short turnarounds. It is a perfect fit for quick projects that have smaller runs. If you need to print a few hundred as apposed to a few thousand pieces, digital printing is a great fit. Printing digitally allows for faster turnaround times on your project, because it does not require the same amount of prep time as larger presses. Meaning if you have print ready files your printing time can be cut in half.

Digital printing also has the ability to add variable data to your project. Adding variable data allows you to print addresses, names, or any other type of information that needs to change from piece to piece. This comes in very handy when doing direct mail projects.  




Things to Know About Digital Printing:

  • Great for quick turn shorter run printing projects
  • Capable of printing variable data
  • Does not require as much prep time as larger printing presses
  • Not a good fit for projects with more than 1,000 pieces (depending on size)


Items that often use digital printing:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail pieces

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