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Heavy Duty Laminate

heavy duty laminate

Heavy duty laminate is laminating material anywhere from 5mil to 10mil thick. It is usually made out of polyester, thinner laminating material is nylon or polypropylene. This is used when you need the most protection possible. Heavy duty laminating material can have the the feel of hard plastic, you have most likely handled it when you last used your credit card. It is very difficult to bend, and almost impossible to fold, making it perfect for credit and key cards. Because of how rigid heavy duty laminating becomes the corners are typically rounded to avoid sharp edges, especially if it something that is handled by children, like book marks. 

When using a think laminate you do need to be aware of how thick the paper you are printing on is. Many laminating machines are limited to laminating no thicker than 20mil. Adding 2 layers of 10mil laminate leave little room for thicker stocks, like index or cover.



Things to know about heavy duty laminate:

  • Offers the highest level of protection by a laminate.
  • Makes the piece very rigid
  • Can not be folded
  • Is designed for constant use

Products that often use heave duty laminate:

  • Credit cards
  • Security cards
  • Book marks

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